Downs Safe & Lock offers a wide range of services to satisfy our valued commercial client base, as we understand the importance of a “one call” solution. The most common services we provide are listed below, however, if you are in need of a service that is not listed please give us a call to discuss the need. There is a chance that we simply forgot to list it and may be able to help after all or at least point you in the right direction of someone who can.


Rekeying of locks (setting your existing locks to a new set of keys)


Master-Keying/Master-Key Systems (typically used in the commercial market, this allows two or more unique keys of different combinations to operate the same lock)


Lock Installation/Replacement (a deadbolt added for additional security or replacement of existing locks) We offer brands such as Arrow, Schlage, Sargent, Best, Corbin, Yale, General Lock, Uscan, and Lsda along with many others.


High Security Locks/Keys (UL437 Listed, patent protected, anti-pick, drill and bump resistant locks, keys that cannot be duplicated without proper authorization) We are authorized dealers of the industry leaders including: Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, and MIWA, KABA. We also service other brands not listed above.


Restricted Key Control (protecting your keys from duplication) Did you know by taking a standard key and stamping “Do Not Duplicate” or “Duplication Prohibited” holds no legal ramification? The only way to truly protect your keys from unauthorized key duplication is to incorporate true key control lock cylinders and keys into your establishment. We offer several options in this area, most are extremely affordable, not much more expensive than rekeying your existing locks. Medeco Keymark X4 and Mul-T-Lock Integrator are two of our most popular options.


Mortise Locks (common in commercial buildings) Do you maintain a commercial high rise? If so, chances are your building is full of mortise locks. At Downs Safe & Lock, we understand the importance of maintaining building standards and budgets; mortise locks can be a challenge with both. We service, repair, replace and install mortise locks of all makes and models mechanical and electrified, including but not limited to Schlage, Corbin, Sargent, Arrow, Yale, Hager, Inox, Marks, Baldwin, ACSI, and Accurate. We can even take a non-locking passage mortise set, order a few parts and convert it to a locking mortise set, re-utilizing the exisitng handles and saving you hundreds of dollars!


Door Inspections (One of our most important and most popular offerings) Door inspections allow us to set up a routine maintenance and inspection program to identify issues with doors and related hardware, explain the importance and help you decide the priority and budget required to resolve the issues found. Routine door inspections allow simple issues to be resolved before they are able to escalate to costly hardware replacement. If you maintain a property or facility this is a must!


Panic/Exit Hardware (Called by many names, crash bars, panic bars, exit devices) Call it what you want, we furnish, service, repair, and install it. Depending upon your occupancy load and building plans most facilities require one or more of these and building/life safety code requires that these devices remain in proper working condition. Popular brands include Von Duprin, Arrow, Cal-Royal, Sargent, Corbin, Jackson, Dor-o-matic, Dorma, Hager, and Yale.

Door Closers (The name says it all, they close the door behind you.) These units come in a wide variety of makes, models and finishes and are found everywhere, surface mounted, concealed in the door frame header, and even concealed in the floor. Do you have one that is leaking fluid, or do you have a door that is closing too fast, too slow, slamming, or no longer closing at all? Do you have a door that simply needs a door closer? Either way we can take care of it. We offer popular closer brands such as Norton, LCN, Arrow, Corbin, Yale, Sargent, Jackson, Kawneer, Rixson, and Dorma. Don’t see a name on your unit, thats ok too, odds are we have a direct replacement.


Fire Rated Doors & Hardware (doors that offer an added layer or protection against the spread of fire/smoke) Did you know, not all doors and hardware are approved for all openings? Some doors and hardware are specifically labeled as fire rated and fire rated openings require fire rated doors and hardware. Failing to have fire rated hardware or a fire rated door in a fire rated opening is a violation of building and life safety codes. Not sure if you are in compliance give us a call before the fire marshal stops in for a visit!


Access Control (allows you to remotely unlock a door from any location) Need to add a pin code lock or card access to the front door of your business, or to simply order more key fobs or access cards, What about having a door lock/unlock automatically via a time schedule? From basic stand alone keyless entry locksets, to hardwired or even wireless access control systems and components, we have a solution for nearly every application and every budget. We are authorized dealers of the industry’s best, CDVI, Arrow, IEI, HID, Securitron, Kaba, Infinias, Continental Access, Alarm Lock, Dynalock, Galaxy, HES, Folger Adams, Linear, Camden, Trine, ASP, Altronix, Mul-T-Lock Smart Air and Medeco Aperio. Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to quote a solution. Please have a look at our access control section of the website for more information.


Commercial Doors Wood, Metal, Fire Rated, no problem! We sell and provide replacement installation of most commercial doors regardless of the size or type. Popular brands include CECO, Republic, and Mesker, don’t see a brand name on the door, don’t worry odds are we have it covered. All replacement door installations are quoted with new hinges/door pivots. Have an existing door that simply needs repair? We adjust, re-install, service, and modify all types of commercial doors and hardware including herculite full glass and aluminum glass store front doors. *Note although we do service glass doors of all types we do NOT replace them. See our Door related section on the website for more information.


Loss Prevention Products Does your firm suffer from shrinkage? Is expensive inventory disappearing out of your side or rear door? We can put an end to the shrink! Downs Safe & Lock offers a wide variety of loss prevention products from stand alone, battery operated local door prop alarms, alarmed panic exit hardware, to audit reporting access control systems we have a solution to protect your inventory. Popular brands include Detex, Von Duprin Chexit, and Alarm Lock.


Safes From servicing your existing safe with routine combination changes to safe lock upgrades we offer many options to protect your most valuable contents. We also offer a full line of commercial grade safes ranging from B-Rate safes with a drop slot to high security TL-30′s, check out our Safe section of the website or simply give our safe department a call. Brand options include but are not limited to Hollon, Safe Co., Hayman, Cobalt, Burg Wacther, Amsec, Gardall, and the exclusive private label Downs Safe & Lock line.


Cabinet/Furniture Locks Need to secure a set of cabinets or drawers? Lost keys to a filing cabinet, these are popular services we provide. Give us a call.

  • Lock & Door Hardware Sales, Service, Repair and Installation
  • Master Key Systems
  • Locks Re-Keyed and Master Keyed
  • Panic Devices
  • Fire Exit Hardware
  • Loss Prevention Products
  • Door Closers
  • Doors
  • Keyless Entry Locksets
  • Access Control Locksets
  • Electric Strikes
  • Electric Locksets
  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Keypad and Proximity Card Locks
  • Hinges and Pivots
  • Store Front Door and Lock Service
  • Safe Sales, Service, Repair, Moving and Installation
  • Access Control

And Much More! If you do not see the service you are looking for,
Just give us a call at 404-873-2515 so we can assist you.