Commercial Doors

At Downs Safe & Lock we furnish and install replacement commercial hollow metal and wood doors. However, we are equipped to service and repair many different types of doors to include Hollow Metal, Wood, Aluminum Glass, Herculite, and Fire Rated doors.


Commercial hollow metal doors are probably the most common type of door we deal with. These doors, regardless of the manufacture, are usually repairable unless heavily damaged or rusted through has occurred. Should a replacement be deemed necessary most replacement doors are readily available within a matter of days. Should a replacement be required, we would provide a door machined to match your existing frame size and hinge locations.


Commercial wood doors can also be serviced, repaired, or replaced by Downs Safe & Lock. Should a replacement be deemed necessary we can provide a door with hinge locations machined to match your existing frame, furthermore we will do our best to provide a door of similar wood type and grain.

Fire Rated doors are one of our specialties, these doors require special attention, and hardware replacement or modifications to fire rated doors must be performed under strict adherence to fire and life safety codes. Fire rated doors require FIRE RATED UL LISTED hardware, furthermore, should modifications be performed outside of these stringent guidelines the door may be ruined and require replacement in order to maintain fire/life safety code compliance. Current fire code requires that these doors are inspected annually and a log created to ensure the doors meet these standards. Do you have a log for your fire doors? The fire marshal will request it. If you do not have one, we can perform the inspection and provide the log; this would be a great time to evaluate your fire doors to make sure they are code compliant!

All commercial door replacements are quoted using new commercial grade ball bearing hinges, fire rated if applicable. A full surface, high traffic continuous hinge, designed to last the lifetime of the door can be quoted in place of the standard ball bearing hinges if so desired.

Commercial Metal Door Frames: Downs Safe & Lock does provide adjustment related services and minor re-anchoring of commercial metal door frames, however, at this time; we do NOT offer metal door frame installation or replacement related services.


Storefront type aluminum glass doors and full glass herculite doors are also door types that we service. Typically the doors themselves have no issues, it is usually the pivot hinges or closing devices that are found to be at fault. To replace the pivot hinges and closing devices it can be common practice that the door must be removed and this is NO PROBLEM for Downs Safe & Lock! We stock a wide variety of replacement hardware and locksets for these door types including related brands such as Jackson, Dor-O-Matic, Dorma, Rixson, Adams Rite, Vistawall, Kawneer, and LCN.

Hinges, Pivots, and Closing Devices: Briefly mentioned above and also found in our commercial services section, these are items that are often found to be the culprit of your “door” problem. Rarely is the door itself at fault, typically a door drags, sticks, slams, doesn’t close, or closes too fast due to a problem with one of these 3 items. All of which we service, sell, maintain, and replace.


Standard door hinges wear out over time, squeak, squeal, bind, come loose, and eventually fail altogether. These are common stock items and are also items that can be upgraded. In some cases they can be adjusted or repaired, but if a replacement is warranted we encourage you to consider upgrading your hinges. Should they be the standard pin and barrel type, they can be replaced with ball bearing hinges, and further equipped with non removable hinge pins to prevent the pin of the hinge from being pulled and the door being removed. If the door is high traffic, we encourage you to consider replacing your hinges with a full surface continuous hinge, which typically outlasts the life of the door itself.


Pivots which act as hinges on a storefront type glass door can also be adjusted or replaced with like units or further upgraded with a full surface continuous hinge for high traffic application. An added benefit to the full surface continuous hinge is that once installed it is very rare that any future door adjustments would be required, saving you money for years to come. We offer replacement hinges/pivots as well as continuous hinges by multiple manufacturers including but not limited to: Jackson, Vistawall, Kawneer, Hager, Stanley, Rixson, Markar, Cal Royal, Pemko, and Select.


Closing devices, usually surface mounted to the door can also be concealed in the door frame header, or floor. Mid to high end devices typically have adjustment valves and can be adjusted when needed. It is common that these units require adjustments as the seasons change, as they are easily affected by temperature, wind, and interior air flow. If you find that the unit is leaking fluid, this is not a repair that can be made in the field and a replacement is required. We stock a wide variety of replacement door closing devices and odds are we have a direct replacement for your application. Popular brands include: Jackson, Rixson, Dorma, Norton, LCN, Yale, Sargent, Corbin, Arrow, and CR Laurence.


Continuous Hinges are full length hinges that are most commonly surface mounted to the door and frame. They take the place of the 3 typical butt hinges which tend to wear out and shift over time causing the door or doors to rub together, against the framed opening, or drag the floor. Continuous Hinges are a great solution for high traffic or abused doors. Continuous Hinges are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate almost any door size. Typically they are available in two main colors, aluminum and dark bronze.