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Since 1900 Downs Safe & Lock has been engaged in the sales, installation, and service of safes and vaults in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. This strong foundation and proud tradition drives our present day commitment to provide quality products that are designed to secure your valued possessions. All backed by exemplary service.

Commercial, government, and residential customers have all come to rely on Downs Safe & Locks expertise. Rest assured that whether it is offering education and guidance in the choice of your next safe purchase or bringing our talent and specialized tools to overcome problems with your existing safe, Downs Safe & Lock will deliver.

Once safes were only considered an option, or even a necessity, for the wealthy and powerful in society. Advances in modern day production, materials and techniques have made safes an attainable reality in the personal arsenal to combat potential losses due to theft or fire.

Personal wealth and valuable possessions, in most all cases hard won and not easily replaced, should be adequately protected.While the security and strength of a bank vault is undeniable more people are choosing to keep their “treasures” close at hand instead of inconveniently locked away in a safe deposit box. Safes capable of resisting both attempted burglary and the ravages of a fire are available in many different sizes and strength ratings. Contact our safe department for a professional, no pressure, evaluation of your safe needs. We will always strive to offer solutions based on your specific requirements and will never try to push you into the “deal of the week”.

Our turn-key approach to Safe Sales, Installation and Service whether it is provided by our in-house team of professionals or by one of our fully vetted associate companies will give you peace of mind in knowing that your “secrets” are safe with us.

We invite you to visit our Cheshire Bridge Safe Showroom where we have offerings ranging from small but sophisticated “anti-pilfer” safes up to our impressive, made in the USA, DSL Custom Gun Vault.