Security Screens by Crimsafe

Still not enough? Interested in another layer of physical security? No problem.

Crimsafe_Small-Skyscraper_120x240At Downs Safe and Lock we fully understand that regardless of the amount of physical security in place you are simply buying time.  The more physical security, the more time on the clock for either the authorities to arrive or a contingency plan to be put in motion.  In our opinion the best way to buy time is delaying the would be intruder or intruders from being able to access the point of entry whether it be an entrance door or window.  Our solution to this:

Security Screens by CrimsafeCrimsafe is a stainless steel (powder-coated black) security screen incorporated into  structural grade aluminum framing in the form of a security door or window that increases your security without detracting from your home or business’s appearance. The stainless steel screen utilizes a unique and internationally patented clamping system making the screen nearly impossible to be kicked in or out of the framing.  All components utilize patented fasteners and a patented driver exclusive and proprietary to Crimsafe dealers. These drivers and fasteners are not available to the public and each driver is serialized and logged to ensure it cannot fall into the wrong hands.  The mesh screen is nearly impossible to cut or break through as it is constructed of 304 stainless steel.  Furthermore all Crimsafe security doors are equipped with 3 point locking systems to prevent against any prying attempts.  Other added benefits include solar heat reduction, and protection against storm damage. Crimsafe security doors are available in swinging, sliding, single, or double, and French door applications. All Crimsafe security doors and windows are custom made to your specific measurements to ensure an exact fit. Crimsafe also offers custom application such as fencing and patio enclosures.


All Crimsafe products are backed by a 10 year warranty!