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Since 1900, Downs Safe & Lock has been the Locksmith & Security Company of choice for metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. We are a residential, commercial & industrial provider of Locksmith Services and Locks, Door Hardware, Access Control, CCTV, Safes & Vaults.

At Downs Safe & Lock we offer sales, service and installation of all major brands of commercial, residential and industrial locks and door hardware. Chances are if it is related to the door in any way, shape or form we can furnish it, service it or install it.



At Downs Safe & Lock we can produce or duplicate most standard and hard to find keys. We specialize in the fabrication and duplication of antique bit and stem keys (commonly referred to as skeleton keys) often found in older homes and on antique furniture.

However all keys are not created equal. At Downs Safe & Lock we recommend Mul-T-Lock patented high security keys. Over 90% of the keys available on the market today are not protected by a United States Utility Patent. When a key is not patent protected there is almost nothing that a manufacturer, or the law, can do to stop unauthorized keys from being duplicated. That means your security is at risk whenever your keys are not in your hands.

But Mul-T-Lock’s unique patented Interactive Key Control System and its strict Key Order Card procedures prevent unauthorized key duplication. Only trained authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers equipped with the exclusive Mul-T-Lock key cutting machine are able to reproduce Mul-T-Lock keys.

One key-endless possibilities, Mul-T-Lock manufactures thousands of locking products to offer the user a level of security, which is second to none. At the same time, Mul-T-Lock products offer the convenience of a single key design for all of there products.


Downs Safe & Lock offers sales, service and installation of all major brands of residential and commercial locks.

However all locks are not created equal and that is why we recommend Mul-T-Lock High Security locks for the ultimate in home and business protection. The Mul-T-Lock Hercular Deadbolt exceeds ANSI Grade 1 standards and will stop almost any attempt at picking, bumping, drilling, prying, kicking and tampering. Mul-T-Lock’s unique patented Interactive Key Control System prevents unauthorized key duplication. Only authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers are able to produce duplicate keys by verifying your possession of the appropriate Key Order Card and by matching the signature on the back of the card to the signature found on your valid photo identification.

Door Hardware

Is it time to replace your door hardware? Downs Safe and Lock replaces door hardware for many of our clients. You know it is time to replace your hardware if it is: worn out and no longer functions appropriately, if you have just moved into a new home, or if you would like to upgrade your existing hardware for a newer, safer type.